We’ve drawn inspiration from the most successful features of other IoT platforms and enriched the experience with innovative functionalities, resulting in a user-friendly and cutting-edge IoT solution.

Our commitment to progress is unwavering — we are constantly innovating, introducing fresh features, and embracing new possibilities. SimUi stands at the forefront of IoT technology, always evolving to meet the changing landscape of connectivity.

Benefits of SimUi

Take Control of your SIMs.

Take the stress out of managing your devices and SIMs. Our simple to use control panel allows the user to perform day-to-day management tasks quickly and simply, using just one click. Easily identifiable icons make navigation a breeze.

Take control using many features, including:

SIM Status

See the live current
status of your SIMs.

IP Type

Switch your SIM
between fixed and dynamic IP.

SIM Refresh

Reset your SIMs

Network Exclusion

Exclude individual

Signal Strength

Get signal strength
readings from our routers.

Network Alarms

Set your own


Scheduling real-time reports
and usage alerts.


Track SIM location
using our mapping tool.

This is your Tariff Overview

Go2Sim presents all your existing SIM Cards in individual SIM pots, shown below. This user-friendly layout allows you to effortlessly maintain and monitor the status of all your SIM cards within each designated pot. By organizing, sorting, and labelling your pots, you can efficiently keep track of your IoT SIMs.

With SimUi, you have the power to take a deeper dive into your SIM card performance. Simply click the ‘View Data’ button, and you’ll gain access to comprehensive insights on the performance of each individual SIM card, empowering you with the information you need for optimal management and decision-making.

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Constant connection to the strongest networks.

Secure access at all times.

Track, label and monitor your SIMs.

Customised solutions that grow with your business.

All our SIM packages come with free access to our SimUi Portal.

You can track and manage your SIM cards using our bespoke online portal, SimUi. Our constantly evolving technology allows you to stay up to date with your data. Keeping us dynamic and flexible we have our own in-house development team.

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