Most people don’t think
twice about that little piece
of plastic called SIM.
We made it our passion.

About Us

Our small team of dedicated sim card boffins are passionate about SIM's and M2M / IoT communication. We specialise in supplying to all sectors of the transport industry. We ensure our customers get the best deal and the right product, backed by our bespoke support.

Our sim cards provide solutions for many different applications including, bus and coach wifi connectivity, ANPR, Vehicle charging points, parking terminals, handheld enforcement PDA’s. We also provide high speed 4G routers offering remote access for in-vehicle hot-spots, ANPR systems, CCTV.

With the dramatic increase in new technologies and remote machines with ever demanding functionalities, its now even more important that communication is reliable and cost effective. Find out why we are quickly becoming the best sim provider, by requesting a free trial.

Aggregated Data
Your data is pooled meaning that some devices can use more data than others and still avoid overage charge surprises.
Competitive Price
Along with quality, price always plays a major part of any solution. Recent market research proves that Go2Sim can offer one of the most cost effective solutions.
Say ‘No’ to overage charges
We can boast that none of our customers have ever encountered overage charges. How? by using our intelligent system which monitors customer data usage.

Our Products

M2M SIM cards

Roaming SIM solution for low data usage

High data usage ANPR solution using Fixed IP

Coach connectivity allowing Wifi and online Ticketing solutions

Qube360 P&D tracking device

The Qube360 Tracker aims to offer the most configurable tracking, vibration and monitoring device available while retaining true plug and play functionality. Qube360 Tracker is the first tracker to offer both 2G and 3G connectivity with support for both GPS and GLONASS out of the box. Whether you are tracking a single P&D or thousands, the Qube360Tracker has a configuration that will fit both your project and your budget. For those with more environmental goals, the Qube360 can be fitted with expansion modules for environmental monitoring. Vibration detection tuned specifically for an attack, GPS tracking when outside Geofence, back office alerts on vibration and movement.

Urban AQ – Air Quality Sensor

The only all-in-one solar powered Air Quality sensor

Measuring No2, So2, O3, PM2.5, PM10 in one unit

Easy to use back office reporting system to show Air Quality

Easy fix to a lamppost or wall

Educational back office for schools and colleges

Our Sevices

Security and Integrity
Go2Sim utilise a Private APN within Europe’s leading machine to machine (M2M) providers, ensuring the data avoids the busy Public networks.
Multi IMSI Solutions
Our Roaming SIMS select the strongest Signal and will switch networks as and when required to keep the connection active.
Free Trial Sims
We are so confident with our sim cards we offer a 30 day free trial.
Monitoring and Reporting
Track and label your SIMs as well as monitor usage on our reporting portal, which is free to access.
Customised Solution
Not only can we offer fixed IP, we also offer a variety of data allowances with options to start on a lower tariff and move up to make sure you get the most efficient solution.

Contact us

Why not send us a message, we're super nice. Our sim boffins are here to help.