Flexi Tariff technology developed by Go2Sim is revolutionising the IoT landscape.

At the core of Go2Sim's IoT offerings lies Flexi Tariff Technology. Our Flexi Tariff utilizes a sophisticated algorithm that constantly monitors our customers' data usage in real-time. This ensures that they are billed only for the data they have actually used, effectively preventing any unexpected overage charges and no wasted data.

Not all SIM cards are created equal

Our Flexi Tariff detects the best tariff for your parking operation.

With over 20 years’ experience in parking, we specialise in supplying SIMs and routers for the transport industry, helping parking operators, coach companies and local authorities. Our various solutions include ANPR, Parking kiosks, 4G Routers, Enforcement Handhelds, EV Charging, Multi-Network SIM’s, Fixed IP, CCTV and access control.

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Key Features of Flexi-Tariff Technology

  • Pay only for the data you actually use.
  • No surprise overage charges.
  • Freedom from fixed-rate data charges.
  • Automatically adjust your data allowance up or down.
  • Maintain your data pool.
  • Scalability: adapts effortlessly to handle an increasing number of devices.

Discover the Future of IoT with Go2Sim's Flexi Tariff Technology.

How does it work?

How does FlexiTariff work?

FlexiTariff automatically increases or decreases your data allowance every month, ensuring that you don’t end up paying for data you don’t use – it really is that simple!

Stay in Control

You can stay in control of costs by taking advantage of SIM card data pooling.

Allowance Adjustment

We understand that some SIM cards will use more data than others. The FlexiTariff not only adjusts the overall allowance, based on the SIM usage, but also provides a pool of data that can be used across several different tariffs.

For Essential SIMs

This type of data pooling means that allowances can be applied where they’re needed most across all your SIM cards, so you avoid paying overage charges.

Other suppliers charge a fixed rate for data, whether you use it or not.

At Go2Sim we don't think this is fair!

Our smart system calculates your monthly usage, so you only pay for data used.

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