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Our Sim Cards

Our SIM Cards get you connected

Go2Sim are leading the way with Flexi Tariff (FT2). You only pay for data used.

Other suppliers charge a fixed rate for data, whether you use it or not. At Go2Sim we don't think this is fair! Our system calculates your monthly usage, so you only pay for data used.

Contact us to find out how much you could be saving each month.

We also supply Fixed IP SIM cards at no additional cost.

You have full access to your SIM estate using our market leading back office SimUi.

Go2Sim Card

Not all SIMs are created equal

We use non-steered SIM cards that always search for the strongest signal giving you far more reliability and peak signal strength unlike some other Sim cards in circulation.

Additional Benefits of using Go2Sim

  • Fast Shipping for new and additional Sims
  • Bespoke data package
  • Manage all SIMs from one location
  • Best network coverage
  • Outstanding support from our technical team
  • Buy 1 SIM or Thousands - everyone gets the same exceptional service and attention
  • Optimise usage with data sharing on our web enabled interface
  • Flexi Tariff (FT2) Allowing you to move your tariff each month
  • Fixed IP SIMs

Our Sim cards go in almost anything that needs to communicate. It’s a rapidly changing industry with exciting times ahead.

Go2Sim has the IOT experience to help make it work for your business. Talk to us and see what we can do for you.